2018 Sawyer Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Sawyer Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you're shopping for nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, or even your own kids, we're here to help you pick out the perfect Sawyer products for every personality type. Still can't decide? A gift card is always a smart play. 


Wild & Adventurous Kids

Most likely to wander off into the woods and show up 3-days later with a belly full of a food and smile on their face. They run, play, climb and bounce off objects all day long (outside of course). Full of energy and full of life and with a spirit that can't be dampened, wild & adventurous kids are who this brand fits best. 

Wild & Adventurous Tee 

Respect the Wild Tee

Child of the Wild Tee 

Stylish Kids

Most likely to be found out back chopping wood with an ax to warm the log cabin. The occasion doesn't matter, these kids are always looking a little rugged, yet dapper. They prefer clean, simple designs over big, wild, colorful graphics. 

Outfitter Tee

Thatcher Full Zip Hoodie

Aspen Beanie

Sawyer Standard Tee: Two Pack

Animal Lovers

Most likely to have a pet moose. These kids have a love for all things animals. They have animal pictures on their bedroom wall, read books about animals, ask for their own chickens, and the family dog sleeps on their bed. 

Good Bear Tee

Buffalo Roam Tee

Free Range Sweatshirt

Nature Lovers

Most likely to be laying under an oak tree reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer while chewing on a piece of straw. A close relative of the animal lover, their love extends to everything that's a part of the natural world and knows no bounds. Always outside, these kids refuse to be stuck indoors regardless of the weather. 

Mother Lover Sweatshirt

Be Outside Tee

Rambunctious Kids 

Most likely to be wearing a cast. They climb big rocks, jump out of trees, and run like the lightning. With a personality that's not afraid to wrestle a grizzly bear, these kids give their moms heart attacks on a near-daily basis with their crazy antics.   

Don't Tell My Mom Tee

Feral Long Sleeve Tee

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