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    Many studies show that spending time playing outside is directly correlated to happier, healthier, and more confident kids. It's tough sometimes, coming up with fun activities to keep them occupied AND outside. That's why everyone loves our outdoor activity guide for kids. It's unique, fun, and packed with information, ideas, tips, and activities. The information and questions are designed to help you and your kids have thoughtful discussions about being outside, wildlife, and physical & mental health. 

     In this guide:
    • How spending time outdoors makes kids happier, smarter, and fosters imagination and creativity
    • The physical, mental and emotional benefits of spending time outside
    • Thoughtful questions designed to help kids learn why being outside is fun, important and how it makes them feel better
    • Fun activities to get them exploring outside
    • Tips for getting kids outside
    • 102 ideas for things to do outdoors


    Free Printable: Outdoor Activity Guide For Kids