Our Story

Amy O - founder of Sawyer

Hi, I'm Amy, the founder of Sawyer. My family started this brand with a meaningful objective: to make premium products that are stylish, durable, and encourage kids to be wild and adventurous.

As parents raising kids of our own, the nostalgia for our outdoor-centered childhood set in. I'm sure you can relate... climbing trees, exploring a nearby forest, and skateboarding around the neighborhood way past dark.

Today, kids spend 8-10x more time on electronic devices than they do playing outside. And did you know that prison inmates spend twice as much time outside as kids? That's not cool. Kids should be kids. We're not against electronics, we just believe kids should be free range; exploring, taking risks, and generally just having unstructured fun & being wild.

about sawyer

Studies show that a strong connection to nature is important for kids and spending time outdoors has a direct correlation to happier, healthier, and more confident kids. We aspire to inspire kids to grow through playing outside and exploring the world with a spirit of adventure.

As part of our commitment to the community, we donate a portion of proceeds to causes that support kids in need of access to the outdoors.

Amazing products at a fair price.

It takes hard work to raise and support a family and you work hard for the things you purchase. We believe in making quality products that last and encourage our customers to pass their clothes down to siblings or families in need when they've outgrown them.

All of our products are ethically manufactured in fair working conditions and we stand behind the materials and craftsmanship of everything we make. We will replace or refund any product you're not happy with for up to one year, no questions asked.

The name... When brainstorming a name that represented both adventure and kids, the story of Tom Sawyer kept jumping out at us. He is, after all, the quintessential youth explorer. It stuck.

Live where you love, love where you live.

We're located in Park City, Utah, a small mountain town with an outdoor-centered lifestyle. Our surrounding environment serves as inspiration for the products we create and the passion we aim to instill in kids.

Thank you, 
Amy O. & Family 


Treat people with respect and admire individuality.



Create better products out of materials that last longer.



Respect and preserve our natural environment.



Do more of what we love and put more love into what we do.



Raise the bar, create better products and experiences.



Advocate for unique perspectives and skillful artistry.



We appreciate the support of our brand.

Be Curious -Be Brave -Be Adventurous -Be Bold -Be Tough -Be Wild -Be Free 
Be all that is Sawyer!