25+ Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

25+ Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

We created a list of fun things we like to do when boredom kicks in.  None of us are strangers to being stuck at home these days. We find ourselves trying to figure out what to do with all the hours of the day. Hopefully, you can find a way outside. Whether its a back yard, a spot on the porch, or in a safe public space, find the space to get some fresh air. We compiled this list of fun activities for when you're stuck at home and running dry on creativity. 

Got a cool idea of your own?! Email us hello@besawyer.com and we may just add to the list!

  1. Learn how to dry flowers. Flowers can be dried and preserved by hanging them upside down in a dry place with good air circulation.

  2. Build a balance beam. A 2x4 piece of wood works great. Elevate it to a height you’d feel comfortable with.

  3. Build a bird feeder. Roll a pine cone or toilet paper roll in peanut butter and then birdseed, use yarn to hang it from a tree brand or window sill.

  4. Add accessories to your bike or scooter. A cool color of tape on the handlebars, streamers, a noisemaker in the pegs, a personalized license plate. Get creative!

  5. Write a letter and send it to a friend. Better yet, create a watercolor painting of something you find outside! Be sure to include your return address and challenge your friend to make their own artwork!

  6. Grab a bunch of random ingredients and make up your own trail mix recipe! (Some ingredient ideas: raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, cereal, little marshmallows, pretzels, any dried fruits, popcorn, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, crackers)

  7. Draw a map of your own backyard or neighborhood. Don’t forget to include a legend. You can create your own symbols for trees, concrete, bushes, water, mailboxes, and more.

  8. Choose something you’d like to learn from a list of wilderness survival skills and then learn it!

  9. Make paper airplanes and have a contest of which plane can fly the furthest.

  10. Find a cool rock and make a wire wrap rock necklace! (You’ll need a thin piece of wire and yard or string for the necklace part.)

  11. Make a tree book. Find leaves from your yard or neighborhood, grab a leaf or a few needles from each, then identify the tree and record it in your book. We found this great tool to help you identify varieties of trees based on where you live.

  12. Create a natural collage from things you find outside. Grass, flowers, pine cones. Use Elmer's glue to attach them to poster board.

  13. Set up a tent in your yard (or living room!)

  14. Build a birdhouse. You can use something as simple as an old applesauce container or make it more complicated and break out wood and a hammer.

  15. Start a garden. Even if you already have a garden it could be fun to start something new.  Use colorful paints on pots and try growing plants from seeds. You can even make cool labels for each plant. Herbs in a painted pot could make a great gift for a friend or neighbor.

  16. Bake something to snack on later! Make banana bread, or try to emulate your favorite granola bar recipe. (Copycat Lara Bar recipes are a fun one to try!)

  17. Foster a pet. Animal shelters are often looking for foster parents for cats and dogs. Be sure to explain your situation and ask for pets that have experience with kids!

  18. Create your own scavenger hunt. Sit down and list out things you think you might be able to find or see outside. Include specific things like a rock, a bee, a nest, or more descriptive things like something fuzzy, something solid, something blue. And then go try and find them! 

  19. Have a backyard picnic. Don't just eat outside. Get creative, make a menu, or require a dress code (like superheroes!) 

  20. Try outdoor painting! Get a large poster board and write your name on it. Tape the poster board to the outside of your house or to a fence and use washable paint to create artwork!

  21. Have an outdoor movie night. You might need to get creative. You can go big and rent a projector and screen, simply take a laptop outside, or move the t.v. over to an open window. Make popcorn and have an official start to “movie time.”

  22. Make your own music video. Create a silly dance to a song and record it. Make sure everyone has their own part and don't quit until it is perfect!

  23. Make your own ninja course. This can be as simple as coming up with the most creative way to get from point a to point b. Make obstacles from household items.

  24. Teach yourself to juggle.

  25. Make your own “at-home” bucket list as a family. Come up with fun ideas to try out at home! Use this list to get ideas flowing!


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