5 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors with Kids When You Live in the City

5 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors with Kids When You Live in the City

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Author: Amy

City life allows you to have so many amenities right at your fingertips that sometimes it is easy to forget to see the beauty in the good ol’ outdoors.  So we’ve compiled a simple list of some of our favorite activities to enjoy in the city. 

1. Farmers Markets

Visiting the weekly farmer’s market is hands down one of my favorite things to do with my kids in every community we’ve lived in. From the time they were babies, it has always been such a fun activity for our family to pack up our reusable bags and go spend an hour or two at our local farmer’s market.  From sampling the local farmers’ goods and letting the kiddos pick out the yummiest, freshest food possible, farmers markets are always a perfect way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful day and nature’s produce.

2. Water, Water and More Water

Our favorite outdoor family activities, 8 times out of 10, includes being out in nature near water.  No matter where you live you can always find water nearby. Whether it’s going to the beach, the swimming pool, your local pond or even walking along a stream, water can provide hours of fun.  Why not feed the ducks or skip rocks in a pond at your community park, rent a paddleboard or canoe at a nearby lake? You could even throw on a rain jacket and rain boots to go puddle jumping or to dance in the rain. There’s just something magical about water.  

I remember when my girls were 2 and 5, we drove 30 minutes to a nearby canyon two weekends in a row. We'd found a tiny little stream where the girls and their dad built a little dam with rocks and sticks.  I’d be lying if I said I haven’t driven up there a few times years later to see that our little dam was still intact and to reminisce on that fun family adventure.

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3. Sunsets

I’m the biggest sucker for sunsets, just ask my kids and they’ll probably roll their eyes at the thought of how often I’m gushing and obsessing about how they need to stop what they're doing to appreciate that evening’s sunset.  It is truly one of the most magnificent and beautiful sights that you can always find no matter where you live. Pack up a little picnic and walk, ride your bike, or take a drive to a perfect location to enjoy the simple beauty we get to witness every single day.  

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4. Photography Adventure

Photography adventures are perfect for every age. Who doesn’t love being behind the lens?  Come up with your own scavenger hunt of either objects or places you find outdoors and let the fun begin. Rather than collecting your findings, simply snap a picture.  And better yet, throw these photos onto your social media for your friends to see and who knows, you just might start a trend. 

Some ideas for your list: a bird's nest, vines growing on a building, flowers, a body of water. 

5. Walk a Dog

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have your own dog, then this is an easy adventure for you.  However, if you do not have a furry friend living with you why not ask a friend or neighbor if they’d like you to walk their dog?  You can even check out your local animal rescue and sign up to walk the resident dogs. Not only are you getting outside and doing your body good, but you’re also providing another living creature with a healthy activity outdoors and building a true friendship.

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Growing up in a small, close-knit community, I have a lot more appreciation for my upbringing than I once did. I used to think small town living was boring and simple and I dreamed of being a city kid. Now as an adult with two daughters of my own, I’ve learned a thing or two about living in rural communities versus the big city. Small town kids generally have some of the most adventurous childhoods of them all, however, adventure can truly be found anywhere, you just need to be a little resourceful. With just a little effort, it is possible to connect with nature in the city and learn to appreciate how it influences your everyday life.

There are many ways to have fun and enjoy nature while living in the city, and these are only a few of the ways. Make sure to let us know your favorite outdoor activities in the city!



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