Celebrating Our First Birthday!

Celebrating Our First Birthday!


Today, we are celebrating our first birthday here at Sawyer. Our journey is just getting started and what an amazing ride it’s been so far. From our family to yours, we’d like to thank you for supporting our brand and being a part of the community. It may be a little cheesy to say, but we’re going to do it anyway… we couldn’t do it without you!

Sawyer was started with a purpose that had a lot of meaning to our family. The idea traces back to us as parents seeing the imbalance technology created in our own kid’s lives and recalling the nostalgia for what it is was like for us growing up always being outdoors in nature. What we didn’t quite realize or expect at the time, was just how big the problem was and how well the brand mission would resonate and connect with others. One of the things we are most proud of is seeing all the pictures we are tagged in on Instagram of all your kids doing awesome stuff, outdoors. It’s amazing to see, but we can’t forget there are millions of other kids stuck inside every day, so let’s all do our best to make sure there’s no kid left inside.

In closing, we’d like to say thank you for your support one more time. We are incredibly inspired, proud, and humbled every time we hear positive feedback or see your kids wearing our clothes. We know we’re on to something great. There is so much yet for us to do and look forward to and we hope you stick around. Also, please keep letting us know how we can improve and be better.


Cameron, Amy, and Family

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