Former Facebook Exec to Kids, "Go Outside, Skin your knee."


Why Chamath Palihapitiya's family doesn't get screen time from CNBC.


Chamath Palihapitiya is a well know name in Silicon Valley. He runs a $2.6 billion venture capital firm in Palo Alto, California. He is a former Facebook executive and in a recent interview with CNBC, he weighed in on the role of social media in his own household.

He sees the role of technology in kids lives as a default to codependency. In the interview, he said, "I don't like this co-dependency of 'they need to rely on me, and when they can't, I feed them a device because that becomes a babysitter."

He explained how he encourages life experiences in the lives of his kids. "You go figure it out. Go outside, skin your knee. Fall on the ground. Play a sport. Lose at something. And then come back to me and we can talk about it. And we'll talk about it as rational human beings. And I'll try to tell you why that's a good thing that's happened to you," he said.

He made sure to express that his personal feelings about social media are not intended to be a negative jab at Facebook. 



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