Take School Outside: Go Geocaching!

Take School Outside: Go Geocaching!

Take school outside: Go Geocaching!

There are more than 3 million Geocaches hidden around the world and it’s very likely they are some in your neighborhood! Take a break from school and use navigational skills to go Geocaching. 


What is it?

Geocaching is an activity where participants use a GPS or GPS enabled device (like a cell phone) to navigate their way to hidden Geocaches! The Geocaches are physical containers that vary in size. The containers are marked by GPS coordinates and contain a guest book as well as a variety of knickknacks. Some are easy to find, and some, more difficult. Think of Geocaching as a ready-made treasure hunt just waiting for you to read the clues. 


How to Start:

The easiest way - and the free way! -  to start is by simply downloading the Geocaching app! The app will show you a map of your area and where Geocaches are located! It’s intuitive and easy to use. Each geocache includes information about how difficult it is to find and special details - like whether or not dogs can tag along and if it’s small or large. You simply pick a Geocache and use it’s the location to find it.


Make it fun:

You’ll notice some geocaches are super easy to find and you can drive your car right up to them. Consider making it more interesting by walking to the destination or getting there using only right turns!  Bring along a silly, small knick knack or two in case you want to add to the Geocache! And remember it’s as much about the journey as it is the destination. 


What they’ll learn:

Geocaching can help kids learn navigational skills, work on communication with others and utilize GPS coordinates. They’ll also develop problem solving skills, work on critical thinking and flex their creativity. All while outdoors! 


Go a step further:

You can take your geocaching journey much further. The paid version of the app includes Geocaches that are hidden in less common places, like hiking trails! You could also create your own Geocache or purchase a trackable device and watch it travel the world through geocaches! You could even Geocache on your next vacation as a way to check out a new place!


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