Take School Outside: Pack Your Bag and Go Anywhere

Take School Outside: Pack Your Bag and Go Anywhere


School is challenging this year. We're all facing new and different realities of what schooling looks like for our kids. Whether you're kids in a socially distant classroom, learning virtually from home, if you've opted to homeschool or you're in a different situation altogether, these times can be challenging. We applaud you. In our own search for sanity-maintaining solutions, we landed on a simple but pretty awesome idea. Pack a bag full of school supplies and do work, outdoors. 

Even for kids learning in virtual classrooms, there is school work that needs to be done off-screen. Take whatever you've got to work on and go on a little adventure. It'll be a breath of fresh air (literally) for everyone. 


Keep it simple, but make it fun. At the very minimum, you'll want school supplies and something to sit on. Plan for the weather and consider you might be out there longer than you planned. 

  • Blanket to sit on
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Appropriate clothing
  • The school supplies you need
  • Extras: a soccer ball, jump rope, magnifying glass, anything you might want to use at break time.
  • Fun Idea: Pitch a tent! If the weather is right, set up a tent in the back yard and call it a school. 



Don't forget, even the steps outside of your house are "outdoors."  You can keep things pretty basic, or get creative. Older kids might enjoy a little more creativity or adventure.

  • Your back yard
  • Local Park
  • State Park
  • Library Patio
  • Grandmas Yard
  • A Balcony or deck
  • A tree house 
  • To a creek, lake, or river
  • The roof of your garage (assuming it's safe)


Do it just for a change of scenery or to get a break from all the screen time. The little bit of extra effort to take the classroom outdoors will be worth it. Remember, spending time outside doesn't always have to be an epic adventure. It can be simple, easy, and just as awesome. 

We imagine our children will be left with long-lasting memories of that year they did school from home. It's fun to think of those day laced with bits of fresh air and spontaneous outings when time allowed. 

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