2017 Sawyer Gift Guide

We've put together a list of what we consider the best gifts for kids. The items in this list are for a wide range of ages, activities and price ranges. All ages are approximate. We have no affiliate association with the items listed. We simply think these things would make rad gifts. Introducing the first ever, Sawyer Kid Co. Gift Guide.

tonka truck

What: Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck
How much:  $22.33-$29.99
Approx Age: 3+
Sawyer Opinion: A good investment in a sturdy toy built to last. It’s simple, classic and will keep them outside digging in the dirt for hours.
Where to buy:  ToysRus, Amazon.com
Reviews: 4.7/5 from 454 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "What little man doesn't love this Tonka Classic dump truck. I have purchased several over the last few years for children and grandchildren. Although some of the parts are plastic, it can still hold up from rough play with the little guys. Years ago, this truck used to be all metal. I still have one of those! Yes, we love this truck!"
More Info: The classic version of the Tonka Steel Mighty Dump Truck. Great Tonka quality. Guaranteed for life. Freewheeling steel dump truck with working dump bed. Classic yellow color.

 Jumping stilts or bionic-like-leg-attachments
How much: $165.00-$269.00
Approx Age: 8+
Sawyer Opinion: Having first seen stilts on a contractor installing drywall, I got a pair for Christmas at age 11. Best. Gift. Ever. 
Where to buy: air-trekkers.com, amazon.com
Reviews: 5/5 from 2 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "We got these for our son but he wasn't heavy enough for the spring. We called the Company and Gary was awesome. He helped us out without any problems at all. We got the right product in no time and our son is totally happy with them. Thanks so much for a great experience."

More Info: Using Jumping Stilts helps develop valuable motor skills of agility, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness at an early age. These bouncing shoes are safe and durable. The Air-Trekker Youth Model is built so your child can safely have loads of fun on day one. Watch your child develop fundamental athletic skills while having a blast jumping!
Bonus: Adult Sizes Also Available

What: A kit for growing fresh herbs with many winter-friendly choices.
How much: $22.88
Reviews: 4.5/5 from 30 Reviews
Approx Age: 4+
Sawyer Opinion: It's a fun way to teach kids about growing food and gardening. It may not be the gift with the best shock value but it will offer ongoing entertainment and a hands-on activity you can do together.
Where to buy: Sproutbrite.com
Outside Review: 5/5 "I bought this as a gift for my kids and they absolutely love it. It comes in a beautiful package with very easy to understand instructions. Great tool to teach kids about growing and taking care of plants. I would highly recommend as a gift or as a starter set for a home garden."
More Info: Grow your own herbs from seeds. And it's never been easier. Sweet Basil, Arugula, Chervil, Chives, Cilantro, Parsley, Oregano, Fennel, Sage, Dill are all included in the Sproutbrite Herb Seed Kit. A collection of organic and non-GMO seeds that includes a 4 page easy to follow guide for planting both indoors, outdoors, and in containers. 

Bonus: Free shipping, 10% Donated to the I Have a Dream Foundation

What: Nalgene 32oz Narrow Mouth or 12oz OTF Kids Water Bottle
How much: $10.99-12.99
Approx Age: 3+
Sawyer Opinion: Everyone needs a go-to water bottle. Nalgene makes classic, proven styles that are built to last.
Where to buy: nalgene.com
Reviews: 4.7/5 from 5,407 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "I love my Nalgene bottle. They're virtually indestructible. I'm a very clumsy person so I'm constantly dropping things and these bottles have always held up to the test of time. I've literally stood on this bottle and it's never cracked. My only complaint with them is that they're kind of hard to drink out of so I would highly recommend purchasing the Nalgene easy sipper top, especially if you like ice in your beverages. Besides that, I love it and love that it helps me keep track of how much water I'm drinking."
More Info: For our adventuring prodigies, there’s the Kids OTF. It features everything that’s made its grown-up version wildly popular (one-handed opening, leak-proof design, durability, odor resistance), but its 12-ounce size is more manageable for little hands and thirsts. It’s carabineer friendly, too, so hook it to their backpack or your daypack, and get out there.

What: The Escalante Grand View Hammock
How much: $59.99
Sawyer Opinion: This is a unique item to help kids start their own camping set up. Easy to set up, durable, and super comfy too!
Where to buy: coalatree.com
Reviews: 4.8/5 from 32 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "Love my new hammock took it backpacking, lightweight and super comfy. I can't imagine not having one.. after a long hike there was nothing better than lying in the hammock. 
More Info: The Escalante Grand View is the Rolls Royce of fashion hammocks. Its small size makes it the perfect hammock for lightweight camping, backpacking or travel. It's extremely compact and ultra lightweight for maximum portability. Find that empty space between two trees to find and create your own grand view.
Bonus: Super Stylish, Limited Life-Time Guarantee

What: Altair #AA108 Camera Drone
How much: $129.80
Approx Age: 8+
Sawyer Opinion: Drone cameras have only recently become accessible to the average consumer. It's the cool electronic toy that won't have them glued to the couch. 
Where to buy: amazon.com
Reviews: 4.5/5 from 32 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "Great little drone for kids or a beginner just learning to fly before you drop 500 plus on FFA regulated flyer I’d suggest getting this custom design AA108.
Easy to fly comes with two batteries for extra flight time.
More Info: The Aerial AA108 Drone is the perfect all-skill-levels drone for everything from photography to recreational flying. We provide all the features of a high-end drone at 3 different skill levels, so whether you're a first-timer or a flight master, we've got something for you.
Bonus: Super Stylish, Limited Life-Time Guarantee
Note: There are so many types of drones, we had trouble choosing our favorite. We recommended researching drones based on age, price, range, capabilities, and personal preference. This list was really helpful. 

What: A Customized Premier Wood Tree Swing
How much: $109.00-$159.00
Sawyer Opinion: It's a classic, timeless gift. Also, research supports that swinging supports mental health.
Approx Age:
Where to buy: woodtreeswing.com
Reviews: 5/5 from 156 Reviews
Testimonial: 5/5 "Love, love, love! Well made and quickly shipped. We will enjoy this swing for years."
More Info: The Premier Wood Tree Swing rope has been hand spliced at the bottom, comes with 12 feet of 5/8" Polypropylene rope per side. The rope is made of a special 100% Polypropylene film yarn that will never get rough or splintery-like. Instead, the more it is used the softer it is on your hands. In addition, it holds knots better. It is treated with UV which protects it from the sun and it is 100% waterproof.
Bonus:  Lifetime warranty, customizable, various styles available, great customer service

bow and arrow
What: Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow
How much: $29.99-$39.99
Approx Age:
Sawyer Opinion: It's safer than an actual bow and arrow and super fun. It shoots further than you'd expect and doesn't have tiny darts that get lost easily.
Where to buy: target.comamazon.comzing.store
**sells out quickly**
Reviews: 4.5/5 from 299 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "My son received a Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow set in red for his birthday last year and it is sooooo cool! We are really excited to give his best friend this same bow set but in green for his birthday! The bow and all arrows light up, making it perfect for playing within the day or at night."
More Info: The Air Storm Fire-Tek Bow is the ultimate foam bow and arrows with blazing light up power! Fire Up the Zonic Blaze whistling arrows. Hook the arrows in the fast load loops then ready, aim, fire! Watch as they light up the sky and scream through the air up to 125 feet! You've got the power with the Fire Tek Bow!

Bonus: Bigger than Nerf darts and won't go missing!


What: Rollers, Outdoor Lawn Game
How much:  $49.95
Approx Age: 4+
Sawyer Opinion:  A fun variation of traditional yard games that’s fun for the whole family. Easy to transport and easy to learn.
Where to buy: rollors.com
Reviews:  5/5 from 15 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "Grampa and our 3-yr grandson, Wyatt, had the very first game -- totally enjoyed by both and on-lookers. Gramma had played at a friend's home and liked it so much we ordered one for us."
More Info: This brand new outdoor lawn game is rolling across America. Rollors combines the fun of horseshoes, bocce ball and bowling. Combining both skill and luck, players are always still in the game. The large wooden pieces are durable, well made and feel great in your hands.
Bonus: Support a small business with a great team!

stomp rocket

What: Stomp Rocket Dueling
How much:  $19.99-$21.00
Approx Age:  6+ (We've seen three-year-old love them!)
Sawyer Opinion:  Super fun and really does launch high (up to 200ft!)! It’s a fun solo toy and now, even more fun with the dueling option.
Where to buy:  stomprocket.com, amazon.com
Reviews: 4.6/5 from 426 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "This was a huge hit with the kids! These little rockets can really fly! All of the kids in my homeschool community loved this toy as an addition to our studies about space missions. I am glad we bought a couple extra packs of the rockets b/c the kids were lining up for their turns. This held up well again 60 kids trying their stomp several times each. It is now at home with my children & they love it. Very good buy! Lots of fun." -Crystal
More Info: Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s 2014 Preferred Choice Award. Includes 4 Ultra Stomp Rockets and a special Dueling Base featuring 2 Stomp Launch Pads. No batteries required; super easy, fast assembly.
Bonus: A STEM toy! Available at lots of retail stores for last minute purchases.

capture the flag

What: Capture the Flag Redux
How much:  $64.90
Approx Age:  7+
Sawyer Opinion: We love recalling the old classic games we grew up playing. This is a fun new twist on an old classic.
Where to 
buy: capturetheflagredux.com
Reviews: 4.6/5 from 364 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "Super fun game! We played this game tonight with some neighbors. The oldest neighborhood boy who is 11 said to his dad "wow I'm actually really having fun!!" My children are 5 and didn't quite understand the rules but that didn't matter so much as we all had a ball playing it!" -Mom of Triplets
More Info: Play Capture the Flag in the dark using futuristic lights -- with 33 light up game pieces, 12-24+ hours of batteries, game variations, and ALL NEW games
Bonus: Many mentions of outstanding customer service! Free Shipping!

HydoWhat: A Hydaway collapsible water bottle and travel case.
How much: $29.95
Reviews: 4/5 from 316 Reviews
Approx Age: 3+
Sawyer Opinion: 
It's a fun variation of a staple, useful item and it's great for travel.
Where to buy: hydawaybottle.com
Outside Review: 5/5 "I gave it to my son encouraging him to drink more water, especially at school. Thinking of buying another for myself."
More Info: All HYDAWAY bottles feature an easy to use, flip-up straw for quick sips, carabiner-friendly carry handle, and are protected by our Watertight Guarantee. Expand the bottle full size to quench the biggest thirst. When you’re finished, collapse it flat (just over an inch thick to be exact) and stash it in your pocket, pack, purse… almost anywhere!
Bonus: Free Shipping, Bundle Packs Available

woom bike
What: Woom Bike 1-6
How much: approx $369.00
Approx Age:  1.5-14
Sawyer Opinion: The Woom Bike series cater to the center of balance as it changes with age. A great hand-me-down.
Where to 
buy: woombikes.com
Reviews: 4.6/5 from 52 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "Incredible bike! amazing balance and phenomenal parts! We bought this for our 4 yr old on her birthday as she was graduating from her balance bike. She rode off on it no problem on the first try! Incredible!!" -Amanda M.
More Info: Perfect for the 4-6 year old, the Woom 3 children’s bike is all about offering a lower ride height in a lightweight, high-performance package for the growing rider. The low center of gravity of this comparably small triangle frame in conjunction with the high cockpit, a stable, good-natured geometry helps the children to further improve their riding skills. The bike has a front and rear V-brake and no coaster (foot) brake.  Bell and kickstand are included.

WhatVTech Kidizoom Action Cam

How much:  $32.99-$35.99
Approx Age:  4-9 
Sawyer Opinion: Like a GoPro but much more affordable. Makes sense for younger kids. 
Where to buy: amazon.com
Reviews: 4/5 from 614 Reviews
Outside Review: 4/5 "This was a huge hit with my 10-year-old who has been running around taking videos. It has different games and even backgrounds. It allows you to take pictures as well. The picture quality isn't fantastic which is why I gave it 4 stars." -MontanaMomofBoys
More Info: 2 mounts attach the kids' digital camera to bikes, skateboards and more; underwater camera comes with a waterproof case to take photos and videos of up to 6 feet underwater. Features 1.4-inch color video camera LCD screen and the ability to take videos, photos, stop-motion videos and time-lapse photos

hero session

What: GoPro® Hero Session
How much:  $149.99
Approx Age:  8+
Sawyer Opinion: A simple, starter version of the industry standard. It's an approachable price with the quality you'd expect from GoPro®.
Where to buy: GoPro.com
Reviews: 5/5 from 717 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "I've had my session for around 2-3 weeks now, and it works fantastic! I used it while mudding on my four wheeler and it survived all the mud that got flung on it. My favorite part is the excellent trouble-shooting GoPro offers. For $150, it's pretty much perfect."
More Info: Blue Tooth Enabled, Waterproof, Durable, High-Resolution Photos, Includes Mounts

pogo it

What: Little Tikes® Pogo It
How much:  $39.99
Approx Age:  4-9
Sawyer Opinion: A nice low-consequence variation of the pogo stick with an electronic twist, though, we kind of prefer extreme pogo sticks.
Where to buy: Target.com, Amazon.com
Reviews: 4.2/5 from 20 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "A little challenging for my less-than-coordinated 5-year-old, but it's been a great extra toy to have around for a rainy day. I let him play with it on our covered patio and he'll bounce for quite awhile, trying to beat his score from the last time. I really like that it allows for a quick hop/fall off before ending that round. Makes it easier for the younger kids to not get discouraged."
More Info: Interactive electronic balance and bounce game with lights, music, and sounds for hours of active fun! Improves balance, endurance, strength, and confidence

WhatLifetime 52” Steel-Framed Shatterproof Portable Basketball Hoop

How much:  $249.98-$449.98 (sometimes on SALE!)
Approx Age:  6+
Sawyer Opinion: A driveway staple and an easy way to spend quality time with the kids. 
Where to buy: Dicks Sporting Goods
Reviews: 4.3/5 from 264 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "
Got this hoop for my sons 6th birthday. I opted to put it together myself. Took about 3 hrs and I would say I'm moderately handy. The hoop is well constructed and my kids love it. Very easy to move up and down. If you choose to put together just take your time. 1 mess up required me to undo about 20 min worth of work."
More Info: Steel-Framed shatterproof backboard, Makrolon® backboard surface, Power Lift® height adjuster for quick and easy adjustments, Slam-It® rim, Front Court portable 35-gallon base, Includes all-weather 70g net, Proudly assembled in the USA, 6-year limited warranty
Note: Reviews seem to vary greatly, read up before you purchase!


What: Skywalker Trampolines 12' Round Jump-N-Toss Trampoline with Enclosure
How much:  $269.99 (shop around!)
Approx Age:  3+
Sawyer Opinion: Some of the best childhood memories are made on the trampoline. It's fun for all ages. Check out different sizes to fit your needs.
Where to buy: Target, Walmart, Sam's Club
Reviews: 4.6/5 from 29 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "My husband put it together in just a few hours. Everything fit together which since this is our third trampoline, we know that is not always the case. Looks great. Delivered on time [from Target]. Now bring in the grandkids!"
More Info: Includes, covered springs, a safe zipper closure with button closure, foam padding and reinforced sockets.

rope pullyWhat: A Pulley, Rope, and Accessories
How much:  $5-$35
Approx Age:  3+ (supervise!)
Sawyer Opinion: It's a unique gift that you can customize. It's also great for learning about simple machines and hoisting snacks up to the treehouse. "I bought this for multiple little-ones in my life last year. Although it requires supervision, it's definitely a hit!" -Shelby
Where to buy**: Home Depot, Amazon
Reviews: 5/5 Personal Experience 
More Info: Includes, covered springs, a safe zipper closure with button closure, foam padding and reinforced sockets. 
Note: Check out Tinkergarten's Blog on How a Simple Machine Inspires Complex Learning
**Items are sold separately, get creative! 

spider swingWhatPlay Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing
How much:  $75.60
Approx Age:  3+ (supervise!)
Sawyer Opinion: A friend has one of these hung from a tree in their backyard, the kids like to stand up on it for an extra thrill, super cool. 
Where to buy: Amazon.com
Reviews: 5/5 from 257 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 " These swings might seem a bit pricey, but they are incredibly sturdy and have several mounting options. My kids love to swing on these. They can sit, lie down, or stand and swing which makes it fun and you can push these in any direction to swing in circles. Just lots of fun."

More Info: Fully Assembled, Durable, Extra Thick Rope, Easy to install, Replacement Warranty (2 years)

bigwheelsWhat Power Wheels Wild Thing 12 Volt Ride On
How much:  $239.99
Approx Age: 5-10 years
Sawyer Opinion: Just look at this thing! It speaks for itself.
Where to buy: Amazon
Reviews: 4.5/5 from 95 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 " My daughter loves her Wild Thing! This was our second purchase as our first one was defective on Christmas morning, but my sweet girl is happy now. It is A LOT of fun! I wish I could ride it."

More Info: Dual joysticks control steering in forward and reverse - and 360 degree spinning around & around! Drives 5 miles per hour max. forward; 2.5 miles per hour maximum reverse. 4 parent-controlled speed settings (under the seat) make it easy for kids to master the controls.

diggerWhatSturdy Steel Sand Digger
How much:  $39.98
Approx Age: 3-6 years
Sawyer Opinion: The two handle functioning is rad! It's the best toy for the sandbox by far. 
Where to buy: HearthSong
Reviews: 4.7/5 from 32 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "We bought this for our grandson's 3rd birthday. It was the hit of the party! Every time any of the children come over, they want to go out in the sandbox and play on the sand digger!"
More Info: The sturdy steel snow and sand digger features a wide, tip-resistant base, comfy contoured seat and dual hand controls that help children develop hand-eye coordination. 


WhatBackyard Safari Critter Shack
How much: $9.32
Approx Age: 6+ (we say even younger!)
Sawyer Opinion: What childhood is complete without collecting and checking out some bugs!?
Where to buy: Amazon
Reviews: 4.3/5 from 126 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "Got this for a 9-year-old boy for his birthday. I also picked up a large butterfly net at the dollar store and we were set. He LOVED it and used it to catch fireflies the first night he had it. It is made of very sturdy plastic, so I know that it will hold up to rough use by him and his younger brother"
More Info: Works both wet and dry. Watertight clear-view housing. Includes a critter shack with breathable mesh lid and handle. 


WhatHandTrux Shovel
How much: $18
Approx Age: 6+ (we say even younger!)
Sawyer Opinion: It's always nice to have a little extra assistance when digging in the dirt. 
Where to buy: uncommongoods
Reviews: 4.5/5 from 37 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "The young man I purchased this for loves to dig in the dirt! His grandmother said it was a big hit!!"
More Info: ABS Plastic. Made in the U.S.A.The toy is intended for digging in soft dirt, loose sand, mud, mulch, gravel, and snow. It can be used on either hand, left or right. Recommended for outdoor use only. 
Note: Item is sold as a single item.

rampWhatTen Eighty Launch Ramp
How much: $39.99-49.99
Approx Age: 5+
Sawyer Opinion: This is great for when they've grown bored of "just" riding their bike or skateboard. Kids are supposed to take risks, right!? 
Where to buy: Hayneedle
Reviews: 4.1/5 from 37 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 " This ramp was a Christmas present for my 11-year-old son. Very sturdy, doesn't slip. All his friends come by and jump their scooters and bikes off it. He is outside all day trying new tricks. DEFINITELY worth the money!!! Highly recommended!!"
More Info: Non-slip rubber feet keep ramp in place during use. Tapered leading edge to ensure smooth transitions from street to ramp. Recommended for ages 8 and up, measures 40"L x 24"W x 12"H, and supports up to 200 lbs.

carboardtoolsWhatCardBoard Tool Kit
How much: $12.50
Approx Age: 4+ with supervision or 6+
Sawyer Opinion: This is great to get kids using their imaginations to engineer and recycling cardboard boxes. Win, win.
Where to buy: Uncommongoods
Reviews: 4.1/5 from 37 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "My son is into building cardboard forts. He uses this product to fasten pieces of cardboard together. These are so great I recommended them to my fellow teachers."
More Info: This kit is designed to help kids turn leftover cardboard into new creations. 

bathtoysWhatBoon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set

How much: $11-$15
Approx Age: 4+ with supervision or 6+
Sawyer Opinion: They got dirty, now convince them to get cleaned up with this bath time distraction. Great for learning innovation and hand-eye coordination.
Where to buy: Amazon
Reviews: 4.3/5 from 923 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "These are way too cool. I am not sure if my daughter them more than me. But I bought them to update some bath toys she had seemed to have grown bored with and I am very happy I did. Each pipe releases water differently. The only issue is that they were so exciting she wanted to pull them off to hold. Definitely, purchase these if your kiddo loves bath play."

walkietalkieWhat: Sokos Walkie Talkie for Kids
How much: $26.99
Approx Age: 5+
Sawyer Opinion: Walkie talkies are the ultimate toy for outdoor missions (make-believe or otherwise).
Where to buy: Amazon
Reviews: 4.3/5 from 146 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "Versatile technical compact truly build with venture and fun in mind. Fun for the whole family excellent transmission and reception. Would highly recommend. Make a wonderful gift for those who spend time outdoors."
More Info: PMR system auto scan function. Electronic volume adjustment, auto squelch, built in flashlight. Real-time monitoring of children, anti wandered off, intelligent alarm system etc. Super long play time; 3.5 hours continuous, 9 hours standby, 3 x AAA battery (not included in the package ). Crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level. Auto squelch function will mute the background noise so you can get the crisp sound even in crowded places.

WhatCrayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk
How much: $5.99
Approx Age: 3+
Sawyer Opinion: Sidewalk chalk is a childhood staple and fun for a wide range of ages. Crayola seems to have the brightest crayons, we trust their chalk is too. 
Where to buy: Walmart
Reviews: 4.7/5 from 70 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 "Got this for my grandsons to use to draw on my driveway. The colors are vibrant and the chalk really covers well. To get 48 pieces of chalk for this price is great I will get two more boxes next time. I have the prettiest driveway on the block."
More Info: Washable - Simply wash away with just water. 48 unique bright, bold colors. Anti-Roll shape keeps sticks handy without rolling away

WhatNerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster
How much: $13.96
Approx Age: 3+
Sawyer Opinion: We knew we wanted to include a Nerf Gun but couldn't decide which one. This is the highest rated Nerf gun on Amazon and you can't beat the price!
Where to buy: Amazon
Reviews: 4.7/5 from 927 Reviews
Outside Review: 5/5 " We like to have family Nerf wars around the house and this gun is perfect for my 4yo daughter. It has the hammer pull down on the back which she can pull down on her own. That was the reason we went with this model for her and its perfect!"
More Info: Hammershot blaster has hammer-action blasting. Holds 5 Zombie Strike darts. One-handed blasting. Blaster comes with 5 Zombie Strike darts, Zombie Strike stencils, and instructions. Hammershot blaster has hammer-action blasting. One-handed blasting.

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