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    Tanya Vanthuynee said, “We never stop ourselves from going anywhere because of our children; we make adjustments and we make it happen." Her and her husband, Trent, have two sons and inspire us all to get outside.
    Colorado living, wife, mama, and yogi. My husband Ben and I have two daughter's Jessamyn and Ophelia. We believe firmly that wanderlust should be embraced and life is best spent outdoors exploring.
    Avid!That sums us up in a word. We like to be moving, hopefully on a trail through the mountains or behind the wheel of some beat- up travel van. From our home in Anchorage, Alaska we pack it in with our son in tow.
    Amanda lives in Salt Lake with her husband Kellen and their two kids, Brighton(10) and Tatum(4). They are living examples of the family outdoor adventure lifestyle. They're always outside it’s their family time, and it’s precious to them.
    Natalie Langmann, long time snowboard journalist residing in Pemberton, BC, where she, her husband Darin and four-year-old daughter Sofia are on an endless quest to check out every backcountry cabin that BC has to offer.
    In the midst of changing diapers and raising babies, I have a few things that keep me balanced; writing and photography.I hope you find yourself inspired to get outdoors and explore this beautiful planet with your children.
    Terje is a 5-year-old ripper who loves snowboarding, skateboarding, and karate. This highly talented kid has the skills to defend his "grom of the mountain" status. Wheather pumping the bowls of the skatepark or shredding the powder at Snowbird, we are excited to see where he takes his passions. 
    Lily (7) and Ruby (5.5), seriously love the outdoors. They are the happiest playing in the hills. Nature is part of them. That is why, in January of 2017, they committed to the #52hikechallange. It went so well that they upped their goal to 100 hikes before the year ends!
    Zabel is an 8 yo snowboarder who loves the outdoors. “Z” as his friends call him has a passion for snow and generally being outside! When summer shows up Z enjoys hiking, exploring the backcountry, soccer, skateboarding and of course gaming with his big brothers.