Pass On

Today - in our continued quest to donate 1000 t-shirts to kids in need this holiday season - we're announcing Pass On. Between now and Dec 31st, pass on your kid's old tees (any brand in wearable sanitary condition) and receive a Sawyer credit in return.


3 Different Ways To Participate


1) Fill out the form on our contact page and we'll send you a pre-paid mailer to send us t-shirts to donate on your behalf. For every t-shirt you donate (max 2), we'll give you a $5 store credit (max $10). 


2) Preferred Method: Pledge to make a donation on your own. Post on Instagram with either a Story or Post using the hashtag #passonforkids and tag @exploresawyer. For every shirt you donate (max 3), we'll give you a $5 store credit (max $15).


2-b) Pledge to make a donation following the above instructions. You forfeit your Sawyer credit and we'll match your donation by donating a brand new Sawyer t-shirt for every shirt you donate (max 5).


'Tis the season for giving. Over 5-million kids in the U.S. alone don't have their basic needs met. This includes adequate clothing. Together we can make a difference and help a few kids have a better holiday season.

We encourage you to get the kids involved. Explain to them what you're doing and why. Let them help pick out some of their old tees to donate and go with you to make the drop.

We recommend donating directly to a family you know or a local homeless shelter or religious center as a first option. Other organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Goodwill, and Salvation Army will resell the clothes. This isn't as bad as it sounds as a large portion of the money does go back into charitable giving.  

*Credit cannot be used with any other promotions or discount codes.